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2022/23 Student Insurance Waiver Application

All degree-seeking and visiting law and undergraduate students (including students enrolled in the Academic English Studies Program , Off-Campus and Overseas Programs) at Lewis & Clark are required to carry medical insurance coverage comparable to that offered through the school’s Student Health Insurance Plan. These students are automatically enrolled in the student health insurance program, but can easily waive enrollment if they have other health insurance coverage that is comparable to the coverage offered by the college.

Each academic year, students have just one opportunity at the start of the year to waive (decline or opt out of) the school’s health insurance coverage. (Note: Students participating on overseas programs in the coming academic year should visit this webpage to learn about their waiver options.) All law and undergraduate students are automatically enrolled in coverage through the Student Health Insurance Plan for the entire academic year and the premium is applied to their Lewis & Clark Student Account unless they waive this coverage by the waiver deadline of Tuesday, September 13, 2022.

To waive Student Health Insurance Plan coverage, you will need to have your other health insurance information available before you begin the online waiver form. You will be asked to provide your current health insurance information on the waiver form, such as your carrier's phone number and your policy number.

Once you have completed the online waiver process and received confirmation, please note it will take approximately 3-5 business days for Lewis & Clark to remove the premium charge from your Lewis & Clark Student Account. You may check the status of your student account at lclark.afford.com.

If you have any questions regarding health insurance waiver rules or timelines, please contact Lewis & Clark Student Accounts at 503-768-7829.”

*Law students enrolled in the distance learning LLM program are not required to have health insurance, and are not allowed to enroll in the student health insurance program.

**Students visiting from Hoksuei Gakuen, Waseda, SACM, the Embassy of Kuwait, Rikkyo or Konkuk will have health insurance coverage through their sponsoring organization. These students will not be enrolled in student health insurance and do not need to complete a waiver.


Contact the Student Membership Department:
Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5pm PST